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LeBron James and Freddy Adu ...

The sports marketing and advertising business never seizes to amaze me.

Last week, we witness an endorsement deal beyond human comprehension. Yes, I am talking about LeBron James and his Nike deal worth $90 Million !!! According to sports experts and analysts, to put that into perspective, that amount is more than first endorsement deals signed by Michael Jordan(1984:Nike:$2.5M), Shaquille O’Neal(1992:Reebok:$3M) , Kobe Bryant(1996:Adidas:$5M), Allen Iverson(1996:Reebok:$50M), and Tracy McGrady(1997:Adidas:$12M) *COMBINED* !?! What ??? Those 5 individuals *COMBINED* can't even match the value being imposed on an 18-year-old high school kid ?!

And that's not all, it has been widely known that age doesn't stop corporate sharks from hounding young sports phenoms. 13-year-old American soccer prodigy, Freddy Adu, is another such example. Fresh off the press ..... it has been reported that Freddy has just agreed to a $1 Million contract with Nike yesterday according to the Washington Post !

I believe I will continue to be amazed for a long, long time.

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