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Apple and Intel - Together for a better Mac ...

Happy New Year ! Welcome 2007 !!
One of the biggest and most significant technology events of 2006 has to be Apple's move from PowerPC to the Intel architecture. I am very happy that Apple made that switch to their entire product line during the year. I have been struggling to convert to a Mac for a few years now because of my job ties to Windows. It is difficult to justify buying a Mac for the home, when everything I do at work is done on the Microsoft Windows platform. In 2006, all my concerns and apprehensions are no longer an issue. Aided by Bootcamp and Parallels, a Mac system can also be a Windows system under the same hood. It is undoubtedly a breakthrough moment for many sitting on the fence wishing that they could have the best of both worlds. Now we all can. With MacWorld coming up in a couple of weeks, there is reason to believe that 2007 will see even greater impact as Mac OS X v10.5-"Leopard" arrives.

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