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Here is how the story goes ...

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s;

I have long wished and wished and wished to establish a business that I can call my own. But it takes more than just wishful thinking through the years in order to realize such an aspiration. In fact, the process itself is gradual and more of a journey, rather than an event.

I have been planning to build a technology start-up company for a while. The initial business model was a small business portal for local municipalities to engage in marketing, promotions, advertisements and PR related matters. Basically, the idea is to have a town or a small city present its small businesses on the web to the world. Such an outlet would encourage small business owners to expand their products/services beyond the physical boundary of the town or the city that they are located.

Another web project that I have in mind is a travel feedback site which allows travel agents and tour organizers to market their products/services to people who are interested in exotic locations such as island resorts, mountains, wilderness adventures and other remote destinations filled with the appeal of being closer to nature. The website will also be a gathering place/forum for like-minded travelers and adventure-seekers to congregate and share information with each other.

Those were concepts that I had wished to take to the next level a few years ago. As luck would have it, the financing options to carry out such plans did not pan out favorably. I had to face reality and returned to my daily grind of working for somebody else so that I can bring home a paycheck to put food on the table.

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