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Enter AGLOCO - the sequel to AllAdvantage ...

One of the most memorable episode from the Dot Com Boom of the late 90s for me was the luxury of being paid for the time I spent on the Internet. AllAdvantage was a wonderful service that displays ads in a sponsored-viewbar sitting on your screen as you go about your usual routine on the Web. For the most part, this sponsored-viewbar was really unobtrusive. It has never interfered with anything that I was working on. And the best part was the fact that the checks actually arrived ! Thousands of web surfers benefited from this advertising medium as they earned enough to make web surfing a lucratively-compensated hobby.

The Dot Com Boom and the Dot Com Bust may have come and gone, but sometimes, good things are worth resurrecting for a sequel. AGLOCO - the rebirth of AllAdvantage has arrived. This time around, the revival effort will involve slightly different strategies. The name actually plays off of the phrase 'A Global Community'. The concept is entirely about profit sharing and distribution through a vibrant and growing social network. There is absolutely no catch ..... just an honest attempt to spread the advertising dollars among the global web surfing community, much like the philosophy of open source software to spread the use of non-proprietary software.

Here is the link, if you wish to have a headstart. AGLOCO will compensate its members in the form of company shares, hence each one of us will own a small part of AGLOCO. These shares may eventually be cashed out. At this point in time, AGLOCO limits the maximum to 5 hours per month. I know I am personally on the Internet for way more than that. Bear in mind that the AGLOCO concept works best in numbers ..... therefore, it is important to spread the news by referring people whom you know. It should be an easy task to achieve because virtually everyone can gain from this service as a member of the Internet's first member-owned economic community ala Co-Op.

Click here to join AGLOCO. Enjoy the free, easy, no-catch reward for simply doing what you already do - surfing the Web.

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